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Observation Skills & Incident Reporting

Description :

To maintain operational safety and to sustain an effective safety culture on board ship requires good observational skills. In this video you will learn the importance of this and of keeping good situational awareness at every stage of all tasks. Before starting a job, you need be certain that you understand the hazards you and your colleagues will face and that you know the correct procedures.

In the video you will learn the importance of continually observing the details of what you and the team are doing. The video reminds you that, based on your experience and training, if it looks wrong – it probably is wrong.

The video points out that for an effective safety culture, it is essential that everyone feels comfortable in reporting unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, and accidents. They need to be confident that there will not be any repercussions.  If you see personnel working unsafely, you need to point out to them the risks that they are taking. The video reminds everyone that maintaining safety is everyone’s responsibility, and an important part of that is having good observational skills.








Shipboard Operations